REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies is developing a compact, emissions-free turbine that generates power using only waste gas pressure.

Our Vision

REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies (RTT) offers reliable, scalable, and green energy solutions for powering mission-critical equipment in remote locations, such as SCADA, process control, remote telemetry (RTU), seismic equipment, remote measurement, valve control, injection pumps, and many other applications.

RTT’s micro Expansion Turbine System (mETS) is a direct replacement for the thermo-electric generators (TEGs) and solar arrays traditionally used to generate power for mission-critical equipment in remote locations.


Best of all, mETS turbines generate power without burning a single hydrocarbon, thereby saving profits and the environment!

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RTT’S mETS uses excess gas pressure to generate power. No gas is burned, and no CO2 is emitted.

Our Technology

RTT's mETS uses only the flow of natural gas (or other available gases with a pressure differential) to generate electricity.  Because there is no combustion, mETS systems are incredibly reliable, even in extremely harsh environments.


RTT’s mETS can also be installed for a fraction of the initial cost of TEGs and solar arrays.  Moreover, the mETS is designed to operate continuously, 24 hours a day, even under the extreme conditions commonly found in remote environments.


The low installation and maintenance costs associated with the mETS enables these systems to pay for themselves in short order, allowing remote facilities to enhance operations while also maximizing profits.

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RTT's mETS is completely scalable: a mETS system might include a single turbine, or might include multiple turbines running in parallel depending upon power requirements.


REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies was one of twenty companies that pitched on March 3rd at the Rice Alliance Venture Day @ CERAWeek and was honored to be chosen as one of the four Most Promising Energy Tech Companies, along with Connectus Global, DrillDocs and Revterra. RTT’s team is proud to be selected alongside these amazing companies that are developing impactful technologies.

The Innovation Map has published a short article detailing the selected companies and the tech they are developing.

REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies (RTT) is happy to announce its expansion into the Canadian market with the establishment of its new subsidiary, REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies Inc., based in Calgary.


This expansion into Canada allows the company to accelerate its technology development and places RTT in a growing market where significant application opportunities exist, particularly in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) and Eastern Canada’s offshore oil fields.

“We’re excited about this expansion into Canada and the substantial opportunities that exist in this market as it relates to our product development, customer interface and direct applications of RTT’s technology," stated Christopher Bean, CEO and Cofounder of RTT.

REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies (RTT) is pleased to announce that John Jeffers has joined its Advisory Board.


John is an energy industry executive who has dedicated most of his career to participating in and leading innovation efforts aimed at some of the industry’s most important and most difficult strategic, technological, operational and business challenges.


Since leaving his corporate role in early 2020, John has been focused on advising start-ups, mentoring entrepreneurs, and investing in early-stage growth companies.


He is a certified innovation professional (Innovation Engineering) with more than three decades of diverse, international experience as a leader and an individual contributor.

REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies (RTT) is delighted to announce its expansion into the United Kingdom and Europe with the formation of its new company, REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies Ltd., based in Newcastle.

This expansion into the UK places RTT in a position to fully leverage its recent acceptance into the United Kingdom’s Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP). This presence will enable REVOLUTION to scale its development and commercialization plans quickly as well as create a solid foundation for its global branding.

Revolution Turbine Technologies (RTT) is proud to announce its acceptance into the United Kingdom’s Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP). Established in 2004, the UK Government’s GEP is a globally unique program which identifies early-stage, high-growth-potential, IP-rich, scalable, globally mobile companies and works with them to establish their global HQ in the UK.


GEP offers a varied program of ‘Aftercare’ to embed a company into the UK innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. GEP’s uniqueness comes via its network of ‘Dealmakers’ – practicing entrepreneurs-in-residence to Government who work with the founders and lead entrepreneurs of the in-bound businesses to smooth their passage to, and within, the UK.


RTT’s mETS generates 1,000 watts of power (1 kW) from a single one cubic foot unit. Its design allows for maximum efficiency, minimum maintenance, and a long life of stable operations in some the harshest environments on earth, all without burning a single hydrocarbon.



•Growth-driven serial entrepreneur, technology developer, and thought leader with 29+ years of success.

•Extensive experience developing and executing comprehensive strategies, P&L management, forecasting, budget management, business development, branding, marketing, and talent acquisition.

•Extensive experience and relationships in the oil & gas community.

Christopher Bean

CEO and Co-Founder

•Product designer & inventor.

•20 years industry experience working with multi-disciplinary teams to create, develop and deliver products.

•Received 11 National & International awards for his designs.

•Co-founder of HP1 Technologies Ltd. IoT pressure sensor systems.

Tim Moor

CTO and Co-Founder

•Strategic innovator in the upstream Oil & Gas and energy technology industries, with 30+ years of diverse, global technical and leadership experience.

•Held leadership roles at Mobil/ExxonMobil, Schlumberger, and Southwestern Energy.

•B.A. in Geology from Dartmouth College and M.A. in Geology and Geophysics from Rice University.

John Jeffers

CMO and Co-Founder

•30+ years of Oil & Gas experience, with 16 years of hands-on experience with instrumentation, maintenance, and troubleshooting production operations offshore and onshore.

•Recipient of awards for his designs and inventions, which include: Portable Pneumatic Leak Detector; Portable Level Calibrator; Wet Gas Removal Unit; and Smart Tag, which is now used as the Offshore Safety Passport for Petronas Carigali.

Alex Yip


•Currently serving as a professor in the Energy Department at Unicamp – SP / Brazil.

•Decades of Oil & Gas industry experience as well as a deep technology background in renewable energy and gas-lift systems.

•Executive with Petrobras for more than 30 years.

•Eight years at Weatherford as its General Product Manager for South America.

•Master’s degree in petroleum engineering and a PhD in energy.

Antonio Patricio, PhD