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REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies (RTT) is the clean energy partner for oil & gas operators ready to leverage smart, waste energy recovery, to generate emission free power for remote operations. RTT’s solution is a micro-Expansion Turbine System (mETS) that generates zero emission power for digital oilfield and pipeline initiatives through the recovery of excess gas pressure.

The mETS system can be used in conjunction with a gas lift system on remote unmanned offshore platforms, at many locations within natural gas distribution networks, at onshore well heads, or anywhere else where a gas pressure differential exists. The mETS technology has the power to transform remote oil and gas operations as we know it, by eliminating CO2 emitting combustion generators and methane emitting valves & controllers, providing scalable, modular power with advanced connectivity.

REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies is meeting the most demanding power generation challenges of today and tomorrow with a highly experienced team of entrepreneurs, technology developers, and innovators.


REVOLUTION’s history dates all the way back to 1990. During this long journey, we have accomplished notable milestones including numerous field trials, significant technological advances and built an impressive IP portfolio. Our rich history has positioned RTT to leverage this traction as we transition into final pilots and commercialization.

January 2015


Christopher Bean officially forms the company and executes a joint development agreement with a global oil & gas producer in Southeast Asia. With $1M+ in non-dilutive R&D funding, RTT begins development of a 3rd generation, 1kW turbine, significantly improving the efficiency and functionality over the previous design.

January 2016


Four full-scale working prototypes of the 1 kW turbine are completed.

January 2017


RTT completes TRL 4 lab testing of the I kW turbine and validates performance and smart functionality.

January 2019


REVOLUTION files the latest round of patents in the U.S., UK, Canada, and Malaysia

January 2020


RTT is accepted into the inaugural cohort of cleantech startups at Greentown Labs – Houston, and initiates a strategic pivot toward remote, onshore applications in upstream and midstream operations, in support of operators’ need for clean, reliable electric power to meet net zero commitments.

January 2021


John Jeffers join Christopher Bean at RTT as co-founder and assume leadership role. RTT engages strategic industry partners for final design, testing and manufacturing of field-ready prototypes in anticipation of pilot projects in 2022. RTT relocates corporate HQ from North Carolina to Houston, TX.




Doing the right thing defines who we are as a responsible business and integrity is essential to everything we do.

We recognize that there is increased stakeholder interest in how we do business, where and who we do business with and the level of our ambition and action to integrate and manage ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) risks into our business operations.


REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies is committed to building environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and effective corporate governance into all aspects of our business. This ESG statement reflects our commitment to improving how our business decisions and policies address opportunities for sustainability. We expect this policy statement to be upheld by all employees, including executives, officers, and directors of the Company. As we look ahead to the future, we will continue to be transparent and remain focused on expanding our sustainability efforts.


This is the essence of RTT. Our technology provides a clean energy solution for remote power requirements and eliminates significant amounts of Greenhouse Gas Emissions by replacing CO2 emitting combustion generators and methane emitting pneumatic equipment. We’re committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner to reduce our impact on climate change, conserve natural resources and operate in compliance with environmental regulations.


We’re committed to being a socially responsible employer by fostering an environment of diversity and inclusion across our business, with a focus on empowering women and minorities, operating ethically and supporting our local communities.


We’re committed to building a culture dedicated to ethical business behavior and responsible corporate activity. We believe strong corporate governance is the foundation to delivering on our commitments.

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