REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies is pleased to announce the addition of Ms. Julia Brown to their Board of Advisors.

Julia is a highly experienced engineer and project management executive with specific expertise in gas turbines, low-emission energy technology, and product lifecycle management. She will play a key role in guiding RTT’s product and technology development roadmap as the company brings its zero-emission pressure-driven power generation system to market.

Julia initially graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a BEng in Aeronautical Engineering and launched her career with Rolls-Royce in helicopter engine design. Quickly finding her niche in engines rather than airframes she completed her Masters in Thermal Power, Gas Turbine Technology, at Cranfield University in 1994. She has spent more than 30 years progressing through a variety of roles in the Gas turbine engine sector, with direct engagement in developing low emissions technology, working with alternative, environmentally conscious fuels and then later running a company focused on extending product life through repairs, upgrades, and conversions.

Julia’s career has spanned roles from design through to development, project management, sales, and service and most recently into Strategic Management as the Managing Director of a repair and manufacturing company in support of Gas turbine products across all OEMs. In this role, she addressed the overall carbon footprint of the company and optimized the activities and resource choices of the company to achieve a more environmentally sustainable position while still delivering exceptional profitability and growth to shareholders.

She is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and has been a STEM Ambassador to schools and colleges for over 25 years, encouraging future scientists and engineers. With her passion for mechanical engineering and technology development, she now holds the Queens Cadet Commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Army Cadet Force as a Training Officer and Vocational Qualifications Officer for her Battalion aimed at giving the children the best chance for their future.